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Fun Christmas Quiz

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Fun Christmas Quiz

Test your knowledge with our fun Christmas Quiz.  The answers are at the bottom of the page.  Remember, no cheating or Santa might put you on the naughty list!


1.     On what day does the 1st day of Christmas officially start?

2.     How many Christmas presents on average does a child in the UK receive?

3.     Which song are these lyrics from? “But say a prayer and pray for the other ones. At Christmas time, it's hard but while you're having fun. There’s a world outside your window and it’s a world of dread and fear”

4.     How many Christmas trees are grown in Europe each year?

5.     Name the Christmas film starring Will Ferrell, who travels to New York to find his real father.

6.     On 25th December 1914, British and German soldiers fighting in WW1 lay down their arms and met in no man’s land to exchange gifts. To what is this day referred as?

7.     Christmas pudding was originally a soup that was made from beef and raisins.  True or False?

8.     Before turkey became popular, what was the traditional dish served up in England on Christmas day?

9.     In 1647 Christmas was abolished by which man?

10. How did Boxing Day get its name?

      Answers below: 



  1. Christmas Day
  2. 16
  3. Do they know it’s Christmas by Band Aid (Released in 1984)
  4. 60 million
  5. Elf
  6. The Christmas Truce or The Christmas Day Truce
  7. ‘Frumenty’ originated in the 14th Century and was eaten as a fasting meal in preparation for Christmas.
  8. Pigs head and mustard
  9. Oliver Cromwell. The ban wasn’t lifted until 1660.
  10. Parishioners collected money for the poor in alms boxes which were opened the day after Christmas day in honour of St Stephen (the Christian martyr).