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Christmas cleaning and organising advent calendar

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There is no doubt about it, December can be one of the most manic months of the year.  And if it’s your turn to host Christmas, the thought of getting your house in order may fill you with dread.  But fear not as we’ve compiled this handy Cleaning & Organising calendar to ensure that you’ll be sat relaxing with a glass of mulled wine on Christmas eve. 

A chore a day, keeps the panic away!

1st December: Clean your utility room and de-clutter cupboards.

2nd December: Clear-out your wardrobes. 

3rd December:  If you haven’t already done so, make your Christmas cake now. 

4th December: Clean your fridge thoroughly using hot soapy water and get rid of food items and jars that are out of date.

5th December: Rake up any fallen leaves and give your garden a general tidy up.

6th December: Sort through your store cupboards to make way for your festive food shopping.  Start compiling your food and drink shopping list now.

7th December: Clean the front of your house.  If your front door is dirty, give it a clean and sweep away any rubbish that may have blown over onto your property. Remember, first impressions count!

8th December: Make some DIY pot pouri or air fresheners and place them in the rooms of your house that will get used most, i.e. bedrooms, living room, bathroom. 

9th December: If you have pets, give their bedding a wash and clean out their food bowls.

10th December: Go through your kitchen cupboards and cutlery drawer.  Make sure that you have enough plates, utensils and cookware for the festive period.  The last thing you want is to discover on Christmas day, is that you don’t have a big enough tin to cook the turkey in!

11th December: Give each room a good vacuum.  Don’t forget to include curtains, blinds and skirting boards.

12th December:  Write out your Christmas cards and don’t forget the last posting dates –  Thursday 21st December for 1st Class and 1st Class Signed for, Wednesday 20th December for 2nd Class and 2nd Class Signed for.  For international posting dates check Royal Mail’s website

13th December: Sort out bed linen and towels. Wash and dry items that you and your guests will use, and put them in a separate pile.

14th December: Put up your Christmas tree and decorations if you haven’t already done so. 

15th December:  Now is a good time to start buying non-perishable food items.  Buy meat, fresh fruit and vegetables nearer the time to avoid them going off.

16th December:  If you haven’t finished buying Christmas gifts, write down who you have left to buy for.  Wrap any presents that you do have. 

17th December:  Clean your sofa and any other soft furnishings in your living room.  Put some clean blankets next to the sofa, so your guests can snuggle up when the temperature drops. 

18th December: Clean your oven thoroughly.  Burnt-on food can spoil the taste of your food and stink out your kitchen.

19th December: Clear out the kid’s toy boxes and book shelves to make way for the gifts that Santa will deliver.

20th December: Give your bathroom a good clean.  Leave bleach in your toilet overnight if you can. 

21st December: Get your candles out or buy some new ones.  Candles are great for creating a warm and cosy atmosphere for your guests.  Never leave a burning candle unattended. 

22nd December: Clean your bin.  It’s going to get a lot of use during the next few days and you don’t want it to make your kitchen smelly.

23rd December: If you have a frozen turkey take it out to defrost now.  It can take up to 48 hours to defrost fully, especially if it is a big bird.

24th December: Prepare the veg and make sure that your turkey has defrosted or is defrosting (Never cook a frozen turkey). Then, sit down and relax with a lovely glass of mulled wine. 

25th December: Wake up panic-free and enjoy Christmas. 


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