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How to clean your house fast!

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Whether you’ve got family coming to stay or you find cleaning your house a real bore, read on for our tips on how to clean your house in a hurry.

Before you begin…

Our cleaning business has been established for over 10 years and in that time, we have cleaned a lot of houses! So, our most valuable tip for you is no matter which room you start in always clean from the top and the work your way downwards, for example, dust the light fittings first before mopping the floor. Doing so the other way around is one of the biggest cleaning mistakes that you’ll make, because all you’re doing is moving dirt from higher surfaces onto your freshly cleaned lower ones.


If you have more than one bathroom, go into each and spray the sink, bath, and shower with a bathroom or multi-purpose cleaner and leave it.  Then put bleach down each toilet.  Using our ‘clean from the top’ tip start dusting and cleaning the light fittings, mirrors, and the tops of any storage cupboards you may have. Once you have done that, you can start cleaning the sink, bath and shower and then give the toilet a good scrub.  Don’t forget to wipe down the toilet cistern, bottom of the bowl and your bath panel.  You can then hoover the floor and then mop. That didn’t take long, did it?  You’re now ready to move onto the next room…


If you need to change the bedding, quickly strip the beds down and put the sheets into the laundry basket.  Move between each bedroom, dusting the furniture, the mirrors and the light fittings.  If you have a lot of clutter in the rooms, you can either go through this quickly or put it into a box and go through it when you have more time.  Hoover each room, paying attention to the carpets, curtains, blinds if you have them and your mattresses.  If you have a hoover attachment, give the surfaces a once over to make sure all the dust is removed.  You can now make the beds.  The easiest way to put on a duvet cover is to turn it inside out, grab each corner of the duvet cover and then each corner of the duvet, and then pull it down over the whole duvet, giving it a shake to make sure that each corner is where it should be. 

Halls, stairs and landing

Dust light fittings, mirrors and pictures first before moving onto hoovering the floors. Tidy away any coats or shoes that may be hanging around in your hallway.  Fabric or printed storage boxes make nice alternatives if you don’t have a shoe cupboard.


If you have dirty plates piled up, either put them in a bowl of hot soapy water and leave them to soak or load them into the dishwasher. Spray your cooker and surfaces with a suitable cleaner and leave it for the recommended time. Meanwhile, wipe down your kitchen appliances, the tops of cupboards, cupboard doors, handles and light fittings.  Go back to your cooker and give it a good clean, making sure that you get into every corner.  Your dishes have now been soaking for a while, so they won’t take long to wash. Leave them to dry by themselves and then you can put them away later.

Finish off by hoovering and mopping the floor. That’s another room to tick off the list!

You’re almost done, just hang on in there…..

Living Room

Start by clearing away clutter and putting it back it where it belongs. Hopefully, if you keep on top of your housework, this won’t take you too long as there won’t be many items to put away.  Dust all surfaces, starting at the top, so start dusting lights and other surfaces that are high up, such as shelves, pictures and blinds. Clean your sofa. If it’s made from leather, only use products that are suitable otherwise you may damage it. If it’s a fabric sofa, you can remove dust and dirt using the upholstery attachment on your vacuum. Finally, vacuum the whole floor and if you have a wooden floor, mop it using an appropriate cleaner.

Your work is done.  You can now kick back and relax and enjoy your clean home!

Of course, if you just don’t have the time to clean your house or you’d rather be doing something else more enjoyable, then get in touch with us on 0345 226 1293 and we will do your housework for you!