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How to Spring Clean your curtains and drapes

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With Spring well and truly here, now is the time to literally dust away the cobwebs of that long winter we’ve just had!

Curtains and drapes can collect a lot of dirt and dust but are often forgotten about when it comes to doing the housework, so you’ll definitely want to put this on your list of Spring cleaning jobs to do! 

Read on for our easy guide to clean your curtains like a pro!

Before you start….

You’ll need to check the label to see how your curtains can be cleaned.

Machine washing: Depending on the care label you may be able to put your curtains and drapes in the washing machine.  If this is the case then you can use your normal detergent but make sure that you set the washer at the correct temperature and we recommend using the delicate cycle.

Steam cleaning: We’ve cleaned a lot of upholstery and fabrics in our time, and we think that steam cleaning is by far the best way to give heavy curtains or curtains that are hard to take down, a deep clean. But be sure to check the care instructions first to make sure that your curtains are suitable for steaming.  And remember to be careful: Steam can burn.

Hand washing: If you’re in any doubt about putting your curtains in the washer or steaming them, then always opt for hand washing. We know that it’s not always easy handwashing big items, but we think it’s better to use some elbow grease than to have the expense of buying new curtains because you’ve ruined them!

As with machine washing you can opt for your regular detergent or choose a detergent that is specially made for hand washing items, as they tend to be kinder to fabrics.

Dry cleaning or professional cleaning:  If the label tells you to dry clean only, then don’t be tempted to wash them any other way. After all, the care label says that for a reason!

You’re good to go

Once you’ve decided the best way to clean your curtains, you’ll want to vacuum them first.  Isn’t this a waste of time if they are going to be washed? We hear you say.  Well normally we are all for giving you tips on how to get your household chores done fast, but our guess is that you haven’t washed your curtains for a while, so you’ll need to give them some TLC this time around.

Easy does it:  We find it a lot easier to vacuum curtains and drapes when they are still hung up. Starting at the top, use long strokes downwards so you can see where you have cleaned and not miss a section.

Vacuum both sides of your curtains and use the upholstery attachment to get into the nooks and crannies. If you don’t have a vacuum, then a long-handled broom with soft synthetic fibres can be used. If you don’t usually vacuum your curtains then, try and do this as a part of your regular household chores.


Hanging up outside/inside:  We think hanging them outside in the fresh air is the best way to dry any clothes or fabric, but it’s not always possible to do that living in the UK. So, you might have to hang them over a clothes horse or if you have a bannister, use that.

Tumble drying: Tumble dry your curtains with caution. Check the label to see if they can be dried in this way. The last thing you want to do is shrink them!

Crease-free curtains

Ironing: It’s easier to iron curtains when they are half dried or use the steam part of your iron to get the creases out. Remember to set the iron to a low heat and put a tea towel on top of the curtains and iron over that instead of directly onto the fabric.

Steaming:  If your curtains are suitable for steam cleaning, hang them back up when they have dried and starting at the top steam in sections, using long downward strokes.  

You’re done! Enjoy your freshly washed, clean curtains!

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